How to Apply for Legalization/Attestation of the Documents to be Used in China

According to the provisions of the relevant Chinese Laws and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, the documents which are executed in the United Arab Emirates and are to be used in China must be legalized/attested by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in the United Arab Emirates. These documents include birth/death certificates, marriage certificate, power of attorney, diploma, business license, etc. But before applying for legalization in the Chinese Embassy/Consulate, these documents should have been notarized by the Notary Public Office of the U.A.E. Ministry of Justice, or the U.A.E. Ministry of Education, Health, or the Chamber of Commerce in case of commercial documents, and then legalized or attested by the U.A.E. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The documents required:

1. A completed and signed Application Form of Notarization/Legalization.

2. A copy (A-4 size) of the passport and the U.A.E. residence visa.

3. A letter from the organization or the company, if not for individual application.

4. The original documents and a copy (A-4 size) of each.

How long is the processing and how much is the legalization fee?

It usually takes four working days to process the legalization. If it is urgent, the applicant may obtain the legalized documents on the third day or the next day with extra 75 Dhs/per piece.

The legalization fee for the commercial documents is 130 Dhs/per piece, and 65 Dhs/per piece for civil ones.

The Chinese Embassy in U.A.E. only accepts legalization applications of the U.A.E. citizens and expatriates who reside in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The U.A.E. citizens and expatriates from the rest of the Emirates should apply for the legalization in the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai

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