"Chinese Cultural Week" comes to UAE

The Chinese Embassy in cooperation with the Ministry of Information and Culture will hold "Chinese Cultural Week" from 22nd to 26th, November. The Chinese cultural and arts delegation with the Xinjiang "MUKAMU" Arts Group will present you a fantastic Chinese singing and dancing show and a colorful picture exhibition at 7:30 p.m., 22nd and 23rd,November at the National Theatre in Abu Dhabi, which is to display the beautiful scenery, traditional culture of China, and the customs and culture of Xinjiang. The Chinese Embassy requests the pleasure of your company at these events. Another show will be performed by the Xinjiang "MUKAMU" Arts Group at Sharjah Cultural Club in the evening of 24th , November.



Performing List

First Half

Chebiyat Muqam, part of Congnaghma

1. Free-meter sung prelude, leading singer: Osman Emet

Content in brief: Come on, my beauty! Long lives my beauty!

2. Tezi, choir and group dance

Lyrics in brief: Every time you bury your face in your hands, my tears keep running down just like the twinkling stars in the dark.

3. Tezi Intermezzo, group dance

The dance features elegance, indigenous rural flavor and rich Ethnic style.

4. Mustazat, choir

Lyrics in brief: you are a flower blossoming in parterre that no one can compare with; grief and unhappiness will never find themselves on your face.

5. Jula, song and group dance accompanied by instruments

Lyrics in brief: this song describes the love between two young people.

This dance depicts the happy atmosphere and the confidence shown by the actresses.

6. Jula intermezzo, trio female dance

This dance is full of youth's vigor and liveliness, with three young girls dancing elegantly and lightly taping on the plates in their hands, producing ringing rhythms.

7. Senam, choir and trio male dance

Lyrics in brief: this song reflects the loyalty between young lovers.

This dance is full of vigor and strength; and three young actors dancing boldly and unconstrained with power and strong rhythm.

8. Big Selike, song and dance by a male and a female

Lyrics in brief: I will never forget how cruel and disobliging he has been to me. If I meet him next time, I will never let him in my room.

9. Teyikit, choir and quartet dance

Lyrics in brief: this song shows the people's happy mood and life.

10. Meshrup, choir and group dance

All the dancers, singers and players perform with great enthusiasm.

Second Half

Ethnic Songs and Dances

1. Female and male group dance: Celebrations

It is a Uygur group dance, reflecting the happiness of people during the festivals.

2. Female solo by Qimangul, state-level-B actress

(1) Laligul (a girl's name)

(2) Kanberghan (a lady's name)

(3) The Most Beautiful Place Is Still Our Xinjiang (sung in Chinese)

(4) Why Are the Flowers So Red? (sung in Chinese)

3. Tajik group dance: The Closest People to the Sun

Tajik people, living on the Pamirs of Kunlun Mountain in the western Xinjiang, is an ethnic group quite good at singing and dancing. Because that they live on the Pamirs 3000 meters above the sea level, they are called as the closest people to the sun.

4. Male solo by Memettursum, state-level-A actor

(1) My Daughter, Anarguli

(2) Chargah Muqam Forth Dastan (narrative poem)

(3) Ode of Muqam

(4) Girls of Daban Town (sung in Chinese)

(5) Alamughan (sung in Chinese)

5. Humorous dance: Flowery Waistband

In this Uygur humorous dance, the flowery waistband is the keepsake of love for the young girls. Young guys all expect to have a pure love, and who will succeed? This dance vividly reflects the humorous and optimistic characteristics of Uygur people.

6. Ethnic music chorus:

(1) Tashwayi

As the Uygur traditional and classical music, it has been adapted and played by many famous world music bands. Therefore, there are many popular versions of this music. Xinjiang Muqam Arts Ensemble will present to you the original version of this music without any adaptations. And you will for sure feel the special playing techniques and infinite fascination of the Ethnic instrument.

(2) Jubilance

It is a traditional Guangdong music known by every household. Being played by Uygur instrument, it will be injected with another special flavor.

7. Female group dance: Dance with Bowls Balanced

This is a classic among Uygur classical dances. Performed by 17 young girls, this dance features elegance and graciousness, expressing the classical appeal of Uygur traditional culture.

8. Female solo, singer: Guhar Wushur

(1) Gulmere (a girl's name)

(2) Mudanghan (a lady's name)

(3) Our Wonderful Xinjiang (sung in Chinese)

(4) Invite you to taste Hami Melon (sung in Chinese)

9. Folk group dance: Nazirdom

It is a typical Uygur folk dance in Xinjiang Turpan. Characterized by light rhythms, humorous performance and strong emotion, it is greatly favored by all ethnic groups.

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