One-China principle base of cross-straits talks

If Chen Shui-bian does not follow the one-China principle, the mainland and Taiwan cannot start to negotiate and the Taiwan Strait will not have a peaceful and stable prospect, Li Weiyi, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, China's central government, said at a regular briefing in Beijing on May 12.

Chen's authorities recently set up an interactive framework panel for "peace and stability" across the Taiwan Strait, which will be transformed into a committee with the aim of formulating "peace and development outlines" across the Straits, intended to replace the "National Unification Council".

When asked by the press to comment on the issue, Li said the mainland always maintains the two sides across the Strats should negotiate equally on the basis of the one-China principle, so as to end the hostile situation across the Straits.

Currently, the fundamental obstacle to cross-Straits peace talks is Chen's stubborn "Taiwan Independence" separatist stance as "one country on each side," he said.

Chen shouts for "holy war against China" on one hand and asserts to establish an interactive framework for "peace and stability" across the Taiwan Strait on the other hand, which utterly cheats world public opinion, he said.

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